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Who we are

Our diverse backgrounds (video editing, web design, vjing, graphics 2D-3D, video post-production, sound design), and a powerful synergy among ourselves, lead to the development of this collective that aims to produce impressive video mapping, visuals and installations.

Video mapping

From traditional video projection techniques to the most complex forms of architectural video mapping.


Looking for new forms of communication through the use of multimedia technologies and nonconventional supports.

Stage design

Design of multimedia scenography.

Sound design

Sound department is handled by Giovanni Raniolo and Michele Di Leonardo, established sound designers and music producers.

Our Works


Keep In Touch

  • +39 333 68 19 939 (Giovanni Mezzasalma)
  • +39 339 64 23 226 (Andrea Criscione)
  • +39 333 95 51 741 (Simone Scarpello)
  • +39 333 29 54 741 (Andrea Campo)

Ragusa, Enna, Catania. Sicily. Italy